Ms. Roberts

Hello ! I am Ms. Roberts and this is my fifth year teaching at ICSAtlanta. I teach German and English this year.

I studied coursework for English, Geography as a secondary school Teacher at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and finished my degree at the Pädagogische Seminar Karlsruhe, Germany as a Teacher for Artistic –Technical Subjects. I hold a second Degree as a National Examined Clothing Technician – working for several Theatres in Germany and the USA

Met my husband David in Sarasota, Florida during my year as a foreign exchange student. I have two daughters, Lucy and Matilda that are attending ICSAtlanta.

In my free time I like to sew, read, and travel. I love musical theatre and everything Disney.

My family includes three pets, Pickles and Clyde the cats and Harley the dog.

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